This program is intended for speedy projects to building facades. If the BDC’s Grant Committee wishes to grant project funding, it will seek approval from the full BDC Board of Directors. BDC staff will notify you once a decision has been made.

How does the Facade Grant Program work?

Businesses and/or properties located in the Municipal Service District (MSD) of Downtown Burlington may use funds for specified exterior building improvements including lighting, paint, signage or awnings. Businesses must adhere to certain design guidelines and have all the necessary approvals to be eligible.

Facade Grant funds are available for the following improvements:

Removal of false fronts (such as aluminum panels)

  • Repair or replacement of windows, doors, and cornices
  • Repair or replacement of façade materials
  • New signage
  • New awnings
  • Exterior lighting
  • Exterior painting
  • Associated construction costs

Routine maintenance and design costs are NOT eligible for funding by the Facade Grant program.

How  Much Funding Is Available?

The Burlington Downtown Corporation (BDC) will reimburse 50% of approved project costs, up to $2,000. Grant awards are subject to fund availability.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.